Site Update June 4

CANTERRA SEEDS Portage la Prairie

This site looks great and hopefully will stay like that until the end of the season. Everything emerged and doing great. Surjit and Max will continue to work on improving its look this week by trimming the ends and finished seeding winter wheat. Currently, they put up all the variety name stakes, therefore it is ready to be toured right now! If you are interested to see how our varieties look at this early stage, of course. They will also going to provide extensive information for each variety that will include: seeding date, plant population, and other info. They will be put up at the site this week, as well. 

PS 00078 – this was seeded much later than the other varieties in Portage (not the case at AIM or Olds College, where they were able to seed at the same time). Therefore, we might need to remember this when we will be touring customers at the site. There is a high chance that many would wonder why the earliest product seems later than the other ones; so please, point to the seeding date on the stake (as mentioned above). Here are some pictures of the variety and a comparison with PS 00095 that was planted 10 days earlier.

Fun fact
Q: What is the length of this site?
A: The site is 470 m long.

It established really well, despite the challenges of low moisture and high wind and the blowing dust around seeding. We were fortunate to have great conditions after that and it looks like we are in better shape than many farmers in the area that have planted canola prior or at the same time with us. The new EXP3-18 looks great so far. Shaan will soon have a look at the site and provide a better overview.

Ag In Motion

Everything is starting to emerge. Some of the Corn is up, all of the cereals are up, and they all have great emergence. Canola, flax, and peas are also emerged, and all look awesome. Haley will go back this week and do emergence counts.  
Winter wheat
The winter wheat looks better! Its come a long way, and is growing fast with all the heat we’ve been having. However, it looks like there was a spray drift or accident during the pre-burn, and a corner of one of the plots was sprayed out.
Haley did a quick insect scout and didn’t find much at all. There is little to no flea beetle damage on canola cotyledons. She did see some major damage to a volunteer that was at the 3 leaf stage, so she will keep an eye on the canola. Haven’t seen any signs of cutworms.
PAMI reported also on the site and they will be spraying this week and will begin preparation for setting up the irrigation system as well. Hopefully, it will be in place by the end of this week or early next week.

Olds College

The site was seeded last week on May 31, 2018.  
We will receive updates and photos this week.

Site Update May 22


CANTERRA SEEDS Portage la Prairie – seeded May 2 (cereals)

Once again, this site will be our largest of all the Demo sites across the Prairies.

The site will be managed by Surjit and Max at CANTERRA SEEDS

At this site, aside from our portfolio, we will have our oat research trial and a spring wheat trial containing the most advanced LCRC lines and many current commercial varieties from CANTERRA SEEDS as well as other seed companies.  

The site was seeded beginning with the cereals on May 2 and finishing with canola on May 16.

Moisture conditions at seeding were not ideal but as of Friday there is good moisture in the ground and we expect a good germination and early development.


Ag In Motion, seeding TODAY (May 22, 2018)

We are working with the same 3rd party collaborator again this year – PAMI

In addition – our summer student Haley will be scouting the site on a weekly basis to inform us about the development of the crops and the site maintenance.

The site will be seeded early next week, as it was raining for the past couple of days.

The winter wheat varieties that we’ve seeded in the fall look good and, due to the good conditions, should look even better going forward.

We will have an irrigation system in place starting this year and that should help with water management.


Olds College, seeding TODAY (May 22, 2018)

For 2018 we will have 20 varieties in this trial.

The site will be managed by the research and field team from Olds College Centre for Innovation

The site will be seeded early next week, as it was also raining for the past couple of days.